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Week 10 Typography

Word art of Standing Rock report. Continue reading

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All Souls Night

It’s Samhain (SOW-wen) Night, the end of the old year and of the summer (and thus the harvest). It’s the one time of the year when the boundary between the world of the dead and the world of the living (and boundaries in general) are not clearly defined and thus anything can happen. Continue reading

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Deirdre of the Sorrows, You’re Not to Blame

After I wrote this poem as an homage to the heroine of this tragic tale from ancient Ireland, I enjoy the tale of Deirdre more now that I have put some research and detail into it.

She was the daughter of the court poet of King Conchobhar of Ulster, and at her birth the court prophet foretold that she would be the fairest in the land but that kings and lords would war over her, much blood would be spilt because of her, and Ulster’s three finest warriors would be forced into exile for her sake and die. While the king’s army demanded that the baby be killed, King Conchobhar was taken by the description of her beauty and, not exactly thinking with his brain, decided to have her raised in seclusion, away from other men, and would marry her once she was of age. But things didn’t go as he thought they would… Continue reading

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A Lament to the World

I wrote thisĀ around 2013 in a psalm style. It really is astounding how humans (or at least wealthy humans) are so horrified at anĀ economic crisis or some mundane scandal or something like that but the same people shrug when confronted … Continue reading

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Boudicca: Warrior Queen and Mother

Boudicca is one of many women who should have their stories heard; an insulted queen and a furious mother defending her daughters whom the Roman army raped. She nearly scared the Romans out of Britain. Continue reading

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We Know Not of the Dangers

I wrote this poem in 2013 or 2014. It was during the whole debate about Marriage Equality and I remember someone argue that, “Gay marriage hasn’t been tested, we don’t know the risks.” Continue reading

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