Our Lady: the Full Moon of the Winter Solstice

I wrote this after many evening walks around Christmas time. The full moon and her halo (and her veil of clouds) just have this aura of the Divine Mother, whether she is Mary, Gaia, Danu, Frigga, Erda, Demeter, Isis, Asherah, Pachamama, whatever her name or her form.


Àird’ os cionn ‘san Oidhche fhuair seo Gheamhraidh,High above on this cold Winter’s Night,

Chì mi Ise tro na neòil an t-sìod’, ‘Na bratan:I see Her through the silken clouds, Her veils:
Soilleirichidh fàinne-solais iadHer halo illuminates them
Ann an spreadhadh ‘n airgid, solas seòlaidh…In a burst of silver, a guiding light…

‘S e ‘n riochd mhàthar òige naoidhein ‘th’InnteIt is the likeness of a young mother of a newborn that She is
Fad an ama seo na Cailleacha, ‘naDuring this time of the Crone, this
Cuimhne mhilis sin an t-Samhraidh, ‘n Earraich,Sweet remembrance of the Summer, of the Springtime,
Anman nan luchd sin gun ionndrainn mise…Of souls of those people for whom I shall long…

Nì mi ùrnaigh ‘rith’st gun aithnich sinn anI say a prayer again that we shall recognize their
Oidhirpean a chur fios dhuinn, anman arEfforts to contact us, souls of our
Càirdean ‘s muinntir, anns an dòchas gun nìFriends and family, in the hope that they
Iadsan an làthair aithnaichte dhuinn…!Will make their presence known to us…!

Soilleir anns an fhuachd na Oidhch’ seo Gheamhraidh,Bright in the cold of this Winter’s Night,
Làn ‘na Màthair Naomh, bheir I dhomh socairFull as the Divine Mother, She gives to me confort
‘S sìth ‘nam choiseachd fad ‘s gun caidil IseAnd peace in my walk while She sleeps
Fodhainn, Danu ‘tilgeil riochd fhèin dhan Speur…Beneath us, Danu casting her own likeness to the Heavens…

Danu, Ise ‘tha ‘na Màthair Talmhainn,Danu, She who is the Earth Mother,
‘Na Prìomh-mhàthair, gum bi sinne cho mathThe Matriarch, may we be as good
Rithe ‘s a tha Is’ air ‘bhith dhuinn, gum biTo Her as she has been to us, may we
Cuimhne againn Oirre, air a h-uile…Remember Her, remember all…

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