Anthem to the Thanksgiving Day of the Fall

I wrote this nearly a decade ago after Thanksgiving. It speaks for itself.

Laoidh dhan Là-Buidheachais am Fhoghair Anthem to the Thanksgiving Day of the Fall
Là-cuirm’ eile, biadh gun do thug Another feast-day, food that Àine,
Àine, a’ Bhaintighearna ‘n torachais, The Lady of fruitfulness,
‘S Danu, Ar Màthair, an tìr fo na And Danu, Our Mother, the land beneath the
Casan, thugainn. Innis t-sòlais Feet, gave to us. An island of light
Mus am fhuachd na Caillich, deireadh Before the chill of the Crone, the end
Mus till ‘n dèine mòir’ na Rìbhinne, Before the great eagerness of the Maiden shall return,
Mus till an toirt tlàith’ na Màthar… Before the giving of the Mother shall return…
Còmhla. ‘S còmhla sinn tro tiugh ‘s caol… Together. Together we are thro’ thick and thin…

Biadh air thoirt dhuinn, gu leòr, tron Sufficient food given to us, by the
Làimh ar Màthar, cobhair ‘s bàidh, ‘n là Hand of our Mother, grace and favor on this
Mhaiseach seo an Fhoghair. Seadh, th’ a’ Fair day of the Fall. Aye, the
Chobhair ‘s a’ bheannachd Bhrìghde ‘s Àine Grace and blessing of Brigid and Àine is
Oirnne, ‘n-diugh, a-màireach, ‘n ùine Upon us, today, tomorrow, the time
Fad ar beò. ‘S e coinneamh luachmhor eile…! That we live. ‘T is another precious meeting…!
Fàilte, slàinte dhuinne, fàilte teaghlach, Hail! Here’s to us. Hail family,
Fàilte càirdean, slàinte ‘s fàilt’ dham Bheatha…! Hail friends, hail! Here’s to life…!

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