A Lament to the World

I wrote this around 2013 in a psalm style. It really is astounding how humans (or at least wealthy humans) are so horrified at an economic crisis or some mundane scandal or something like that but the same people shrug when confronted by the climate crisis.

Here’s the original link:


‘S e àm cunnartach airson na Cruinne,‘T is a dangerous time for the World,
Tha sinn dlùth dhan chall oibre luachmhoire.We are near the loss of precious work.
Th’ air chall mòran lusan ‘s beathaichean, och,We have lost many plants and animals, alas,
Tha feum mòr againn air ar n-airgead fhèin.We greatly need our own money…
Th’ am brat maoth an Adhair truaillte, sracte,The delicate veil of the atmosphere is befouled, torn,
Is feumaidh carbadan ruith thuige ‘s bhuaith’.And cars must rush to and fro.
Tha na coilltean ‘s achaidhean air saltradh,The forests and fields are trampled,
Tha bailtean mòra ‘fàs nas motha fhath’st.The cities are growing bigger still.
Tha na beanntan mòr’ air tochladh dham bheò,The great mountains are mined to the quick,
Tha feum fìor againn air a’ ghual ‘s an òr…We really need the coal and the gold…
Tha tìr thorrach falaichte le cruadhtan,Fertile land is hidden by concrete,
Oir feumaidh sinne leasachadh an tìr.For we must develop the land.
Crìonaidh seasmhachd ‘s cothrom mur nì sinn càil,Stability and balance shall wane if we do nothing,
Is crìonaidh beartas gun ghnìomh, m’airgead ‘s m’òr.And wealth shall wane without action, my silver and gold.
Caoinidh mnathan-sìdh’ airson ar Cruinne,Banshees will weep for our World,
An caoin na mnathan-sìdh’ airson ar maoin’?Will the banshees weep for our wealth?

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